Hi, I'm Phanindra 🤘

Building digital products, and experiences.

React | Vue.js | Svelte | Node.js | AWS | Firebase | Tailwind

About me

Worked with clients from Europe, USA and Australia on different projects, from startups to well-established businesses.

Self-taught Jamstack developer.
Born in India.
Freelancer at Toptal.
Dota Player.
Version control

Benefits of Jamstack

The modern way to build websites with better performance, SEO and security.

Faster Performance

As little rendering on the client as possible and serving pre-built files over a CDN give a faster performance.

More Secure

With server-side processes abstracted into microservice APIs, surface area for attacks is reduced.

Easier Scaling

If your product suddenly goes viral and has many active users, the CDN seamlessly compensates.

Less expensive

Hosting of static files is cheap, could even be free for small websites.

Get in Touch

Let's discuss about your project and see how I can help.